I am going to start showing off pages of my sketchbook. When I say sketchbook, what I mean is the myriad scribbles and sketches done on random pieces of paper laying willy nilly about my home and car. I have no "sketchbook" as in a book or pad of paper to keep my ideas organized. I am not that person.
I tend to draw a lot of ideas, on pretty much anything I can get my hands on, and I manage to lose more than I keep and use. This is one I managed to hang on to. It is a collection of space pirate sketches from the latest issue, "The Villainous Space Pirates of Phobos!"
You can see the ideas I had drawn for Johnny and Dick's undercover outfits, as well as a design for an abandoned plot line with Dick working in the ships mess hall. It was really funny, and I am sure it will show up later, but I just ran out of room in the story.

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